SGCH Fairlea Elise 2*M
DOB 5/26/11
Height: 22"


We are very fortunate to have this lovely doe on lease from Sweet Garden. Elise is a doe that has not only excelled in the show ring, but really puts milk in the pail! She has a nearly perfect udder with excellent teat placement and medial and has had 4 lactations (including as a FF) over 1000lbs! Her two SGCH daughters also reside in the herd and we will hopefully get a few more to retain from this beautiful girl before it is her time to retire.



Photos of Elise above courtesy of Sweet Garden Goats.



Elise's Dam: ARMCH  Greenville Acres Ester *M Elise's Sire's Dam: Fairlea Florence 2*M (Elite)

Elise Daughter: SGCH Sweet Garden MR Floramaria 3*M VEEE 90
photos courtesy of Sweet Garden Goats
Elise Daughter: SGCH Sweet Garden DS Edelweiss 3*M

Show History/Accomplishments
LA History
2013- EVEE 89
2014- VVVE 88
2015- VEEE 90
2017 -VEEE 90 (FS)

2013 USDA Elite Doe
2014 USDA Elite Doe
2015 USDA Elite Doe
2016 USDA Elite Doe
2017 USDA Elite Doe
2018 USDA Elite Doe

Junior Reserve Champion- 5/26/12
Junior Reserve Champion- 6/2/12
Senior Reserve Champion 5/18/13
Senior Reserve Champion 6/22/13
Grand Champion 6/29/13
Reserve Chamoion 5/24/14
Grand Champion x 2 -6/24/14

Close Relatives/Progeny:

Dam: ARMCH Greenville Acres Ester *M

Maternal 1/2 sister- SGCH Fairlea Eleanor 2*M EEE91

Champion Offspring:
SGCH Sweet Garden MR Floramaria 3*M VEEE 90
SGCH Sweet Garden DS Edelweiss 3*M

National Shows

2014 Nationals:
-2nd place 3 yr old, 2nd udder
-Highest 305 Milk
-Highest 305 BF

2016 Nationals:
-2nd place 4 yr old w/2nd udder
-first place dam & daughter
-Reserve Best Udder
-highest 305 Milk
-highest 305 BF
-high lifetime milk
-high lifetime butterfat
-Total Performer

2017 Nationals:
-2nd place 5 yr old, 2nd udder
-part of 4th place dairy herd
-2nd place produce of dam
-3rd place dam & daughter
-highest 305 butterfat
-highest 305 milk
-Total Peformer