Peafowl are a more recent addition to the farm but we just love them! They free range except during breeding season when breeding age hens are penned for safety (otherwise they like to nest on the ground in the woods where they can be easy targets to predators). Even though we just added our first last summer, we were able to hatch a couple eggs (the white and purple pied pictured below). It appears our India Blue pied male is split to purple.


 Our IB pied male (split purple & black shoulder) is in a breeding pen with an IB hen, IB silver pied hen, and an IB white eye hen. We currently have chicks available including IBWE, White, IB, IB pied, Silver Pied, and Purple.



IB Pied, split to purple. 
Yearling India Blue Black Shoulders, hen on left.  
Yearling Dark Pied Spalding male.  
Yearling Dark Pied Spalding hen.  
Yearling, sex unknown yet...likely male.  
Yearling Purple Pied hen.  
Mature IB Silver Pied  hen. Mature India Blue hen.